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SHELFTAGS.NET Syndicated Content
What is RSS?
SHELFTAGS.NET Syndicated Content is delivered in RSS format. RSS is a standard XML format for delivering content that changes on a regular basis. Content is delivered in small chunks, generally a synopsis, preview, or headline. Selected categories, subcategories and hot/special items in SHELFTAGS.NET now have RSS feeds, delivering a headline-view of the bestsellers in that category. Using RSS, you can easily track any type of information that changes on a daily or even hourly basis.
How to use it?
There are a number of applications collectively called RSS Newsreaders designed to read, manage and display content from RSS feeds. Some of these are standalone applications, others run in your browser. Each XML icon listed below contains a link to an RSS newsfeed. In most browsers you can simply right-click on the link, Copy Shortcut the link, and then paste it into a configuration screen in your RSS newsreader.
Hot Items
Hot Items
Special Items
Special Items
Shelf Label Mounts
Warehouse Signs
Metal Shelving Label Holders
Wire Rack and Product Tags
Cards and Holders
Wood Shelving Label Holders
Magnetic Tape Rolls
Perforated Label Sheets
New Products
Special DEALS

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